Grow Tent Kits For Beginners Demo

November 30, 2024   Henderson, NV
Online Event

We will be doing a live online presentation so you can see inside our own small growing space.

If you're ready to learn how to set up your grow tent kit for a successful first, second and third grow, look no further.

You'll learn all about:

- Proper usage of carbon filters to minimize smell and keep your plants' air squeaky clean

- Which soil and nutrients work best for various strains.

- Top tier cloning and germination techniques for a stable supply of baby plants all year long

- Proper ventilation tips

- Expert-level plant training techniques for a big, beautiful yield in a small space!

- Light cycle management for a smooth transition between vegetative and flowering stages.

We recommend a week or so before the event that you have your grow tent kit in your possession so you can be familiar with all the components before we begin the demonstration.

If you have questions beforehand don't hesitate to reach out and ask.

We'll also be doing a live Q&A session to make sure all bases are covered with no gaps. If you're interested in following along with the exact equipment we'll be using n the video. Check out our grow tent kit page for more information.

We hope you're as excited to set up your first grow tent as we are to show you how it's done!

Get ready for some high quality, high potency buds of your own that will make your friends drool with envy!

Our team has been growing for a combined 30+ years anything from indoor closet grows to large scale industrial CBD farms. We've run and managed nurseries and know all the right info to give a new grower like yourself all the tools they need to product plants that look like an expert grew them. You'll basically have the skillset of an accomplished grower after you follow our in depth training.